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Let the Sparks Fly on Your Special Day with Wedding Sparklers | TheBridalGift.com

Let the Sparks Fly on Your Special Day with Wedding Sparklers

Let the Sparks Fly on Your Special Day with Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

With all the expenses that come with getting married, you’ll wonder why some couples spend their extra cash on something as fleeting as wedding sparklers.  There’s a ring of truth in it, though, because precious dollars that could have been otherwise spent for other important things as food and clothing get burned within just a few seconds. Yes, a very practical bride would say that.

Let the Sparks Fly

But what would a bride who’d love to remember her wedding day as one of the most important events in her life say? A friend who recently got married said, “No amount of dollars can ever equal the magical moments brought about by wedding essentials on my wedding day”.  And wedding sparklers are among the essentials she considers to contribute to those magical moments. I know. I have witnessed their wedding, and that part when we sent them off to their honeymoon almost made me cry. Ah, the hopeless romantic that I am!

Wedding Sparklers Trivia

Wedding Sparklers Trivia

Yes, you’ve seen them before. Sparklers are lit during celebrations  – the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, etc. Wouldn’t it be exciting to know just where these sparklers came from? Here are some facts behind these glowing lovelies:

Did you know that:

  • it was a Greek architect named Callinicos of Heliopolis who invented the first ever hand-held firework, also known as a “cheirosiphon,” or a small Roman candle? His invention is seen as the inspiration behind wedding sparklers.
  • wedding sparklers were used to replace grains for the traditional throwing of rice right after the wedded couple exits the wedding venue?
  • they are not really fireworks as others claim them to be but novelty items that can be shipped everywhere?
  • these can burn up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit?

Now that I’ve given you a glimpse of Sparklers 101, let me delve in a little deeper. Yes, they are beautiful, but they can be dangerous, too. Having one is literally playing with fire, don’t you think? That’s why I believe you also need to be concerned about you and your guests’ safety. Listed below are some tips on how to use wedding sparklers safely so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day without worrying about burning your guests or your venue.

Safety Measures When Using Wedding Sparklers

We know that wedding sparklers can produce enough heat to burn skin and clothing so we recommend you to follow these guidelines:

  • Check your venue. Some venues don’t allow the use of wedding sparklers due to the fire hazards that may come with them. They may allow it in their outdoor area, provided they have enough space for it.
  • Make an announcement. You’ve taken the extra effort to prepare for it, so why not let all your guests enjoy those magic moments with you? Include that in your invitation, put posters in the venue and do place some on each table so that they’ll be aware that something extra special is happening at such and such time.
  • Don’t overbuy. Yes, they are cheap, but that’s not an excuse for you to stock up as if you’re in charge of the Fourth of July celebration. Be realistic – not all your guests will use it. Some of them will take pictures while others just can’t stay that long.
  • Use lighters, not matches. Lighting wedding sparklers with matches is a recipe for disaster. Instead of matches, why don’t you give out lighters to your guests? They are far safer because your guests don’t have to use both hands for striking the matchstick and holding the matchbox.
  • Hold it at a safe distance. Extend you arms to as far as you can reach and keep it away from your hair and clothing.
  • Stay away from inflammable substances. Never light a wedding sparkler when you’re near open flames, alcohol and other materials that can catch fire easily.
  • Prepare a place to put them out. Be ready with a pail filled with water or sand to make sure that the flames have died out.
  • Keep them away from toddlers. Lit or unlit, sparklers are hazardous for very young kids. These contain harmful chemicals that toddlers might accidentally ingest. You know how these little angels love to sample everything with their mouths, don’t you?

Innovative Ways to Display Wedding Sparklers

Sure, you can simply bundle them up and tie them with a ribbon, but wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of presentation for these lovelie4s that will send you off to your honeymoon? I searched the net and here are some ideas that you might find useful.

This is one of the most efficient ways of informing your guests that you’ll be having a send-off. Write down the time in pieces of 1″x1″ colored paper, attach them in ribbons and tie them in your sparklers.

Innovative Ways to Display Wedding Sparklers

You can use glasses to hold them.

Wedding Sparklers In Glasses

Or get more creative by doing something like this:

Creative Sparklers

You can also put them inside a basket and place it beside your guestbook so that your visitors won’t miss them.

Basket Of Sparklers

Or really get artsy and do something wonderful like this:

Let the Sparks Fly on Your Special Day with Wedding Sparklers

Best Uses of Wedding Sparklers

So where do you use these beauties? Here are some suggestions:

The customary arch

Isn’t it just so romantic to be sent off to your honeymoon while your family and friends light up your way with wedding sparklers? Wow! You’ll feel like Kelly Sheerin, Cameron Diaz’ character in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”! Sure, being pelted with rice and flower petals is cool, but there’s just something magical about sparklers lighting up the night sky. It’s just like having the stars within your reach!

On the wedding cake

Wedding sparklers on the wedding cake

Make a statement with your wedding cake by adding some sparklers on top of it. Just make sure that they are anchored firmly to avoid those thingies from running your cake.

Write it with

Write it with sparklers

This is just so sweet! You can write your husband’s name with it. He’ll definitely follow suit by writing “I Love You”! Your guests will be caught in this truly romantic moment that they’ll join the writing frenzy as well.

Put them on cupcakes

Yes, this is done as a celebratory gesture for the Fourth of July, but who’s to stop you from giving them off as take-home desserts for your guests? Just make sure that they’re still unlit when you give it to them.

With all these new-found knowledge about wedding sparklers, would you ever hesitate to use some on your special day?

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